is an online email service powered by the multimillionaire search engine we all know and love, Google. At the beginning this email service was rather “exclusive” or in other words hard to get because in order to be able to register an account you needed an invitation from someone who was already a Gmail account holder. Even though Gmail did not require much personal information like other email service providers, the invitation process made it attractive and at the same time a bit hard to obtain. The somewhat low security measures of creating an account with very little information about the individual were counterweighted by my friends enthusiasm once they gave it a try. I was send an invitation by one of my friends who was hyped about having 2 GB of free storage, he was one of those people who signed up for anything and everything and then spent endless hours deleting emails because his email was constantly full and nobody could get in touch with him. Is Gmail right for YOU? keep reading, I will give you my honest overview of the email provider and decide for yourself, I hope this is helpful and eases your decision or whether or not to become a member of the community.

Now, things have changed, Gmail is available to everyone for free and without an invitation. In terms to space for your mailbox, as previously mentioned offers 2GB and several functions that allow you to keep your mailbox clean and organized. When I say “Clean” I mean Spam-free, Gmail’s spam protection settings are incredibly good but not perfect, of course, occasionally there will be one or two spam emails that you can easily identify and get rid of.

In terms of organization Gmail offers some easy tools such as labeling, staring, and sorting systems. “Labeling” your mail is really simple and this system works wonderfully, honestly, all you need to do is create your different labels like “Online Orders,” “Bills,” “Car Stuff,” etc, once you receive an email you open it and click on the Store-Tag-Look-Alike icon and select the label you wish to pin this email to.

However,I do have some complaints about this email service, the first one is that sometimes when I delete an email, it does not go to my trash and I can not find it. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time, but it has certainly happen to me more than twice, I do not know where they go and I hope Google fixes this problem soon. Another one is that because the Spam protection settings are so strong some emails that are not spam get sent to this folder, therefore I had to make a habit to check this folder fairly often. It is not something I can not deal with but I wish they would improve their spam settings a bit more, because you might end up answering late to a very important message.

Overall, I am very pleased with my Gmail account and truly thankful for the 2GB of space, it just helps to be relaxed knowing that you do not have to constantly clean your mailbox in order to receive all of your mail. Also, other free email providers bombard you with advertising making it almost impossible to navigate through your mailbox without accidentally clicking and having to exit out several advertising sites. Gmail, however, does not have this problem, compared to others it is almost advertising free and the ones that you do see are far away from your menus, mail, etc making it really easy and pleasant to navigate.
To conclude this Gmail and me, I just would like to say that my relationship with this great email provider will not end anytime soon and I am slowly changing all of my old subscriptions to this new email because I truly believe this is the only one I need. Also, the vast options of Gmail-friendly plug-ins , programs, and apps  for different Browsers and devices makes it so easy for you to customize the way in which you receive and view your mail. I invite you to try this service, you’ve got nothing to loose, its free and I assure you it will become your favorite email provider. Learn how to Gmail Sign in or Login to Gmail

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