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Before trying to recover your Gmail password, please make sure you are typing it correctly with caplocks off/on or that the username is the correct one. Since Gmail covers the characters you type in the password box, you may type your password in a text file in notepad and then copy/paste it into Gmail login form. However, if you have tried logging to Gmail but it keeps saying that the password is wrong then it is time to reset/recover it as you might have forgotten it. So if you are looking into changing your Gmail password, please follow the instructions below.

Note: the password recovery page looks like the image below.

  1. Visit and click “Need help?” under the login form or access it directly by clicking Gmail Password Recovery.
  2. Check the box that says, “I don’t know my password”
  3. Enter the email address you are trying to change the password to.
  4. Click the blue “Continue” button.
gmail password
gmail password

After you have clicked “continue”, a new window will appear where you will have to introduce the characters that appear in the image (captcha code) into the empty box. See image below for reference:

Trouble with your Gmail Login?

gmail captcha
gmail captcha


After you have click “continue”, Gmail will ask some questions which you should answer correctly and remember the details to the best of your ability, then they will ask you to enter an email where they could contact you about getting your Gmail account back. Please enter an alternative correct and working email so that you may be able to recover your account.

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